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Develop your skills in English or Hungarian

Press Conference

Media Training

The success of an organization's communication is basically determined by the preparedness of the communicator(s). In spite of careful preparation, the selection of messages, target groups and channels, if the organization's communicators appear insecure or less convincing. The spokesperson must show the same professionalism that determines the entire communication. That is why it is important that we pay close attention to this area when planning communication. Successful media presence is available to everyone and can be effectively developed through practice and training. The company’s leader(s), designated spokesperson(s) may meet at any time with live or fixed studio interviews, news stories, radio, online, and print press inquiries, as well as the need to hold press conferences.
Our sophisticated, personalized media training (1-2 days) is capable of delivering the skills needed to make a spirited, confident, stress-free performance, and to provide support for effective, efficient responses to message-making and delivery techniques, and in many cases inconvenient reporter issues and techniques. The training is held jointly with experts in the field recognized by the media (former spokespersons, reporters). Another important aspect may be that the training also develops the negotiating technique efficiently.

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Crisis Communication Training

The purpose of the crisis communication training is that in case of a company crisis, the management of the company, together with the extended crisis team, can handle the crisis and its communication without any problems. As a result of successful crisis communication, we can preserve the reputation of the company and in some cases strengthen it - in the worst case we can reduce the impact of negative news about the company. It is important that the management and the entire crisis team of a company should be fully prepared to solve these types of problems, while in the absence of it, minor crises can be a serious problem and a loss of prestige. Based on our experience we usually divide the training into two parts - the practice itself would be preceded by a theoretical presentation and discussion. Crisis training is usually a good opportunity for team building as well.

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Presentation Skills

It is still the most scary or frustrating task for a lot of people to stand in front of and speak to people or an audience. Let’s face it, it is not a simple, everyday activity. The Power Point format that usually dominates our way of presenting often has hundreds of slides and is so rather an obstacle than a helping asset. In addition, the performer's situation, whether it be a simple presentation to colleagues, or an occasion before an audience of hundreds of people, also causes frustration.
Our training is recommended to anyone who may encounter the need for internal or external presentations more frequently in the coming period. Our sophisticated, personalized presentation training is designed to deliver the skills you need to make a determined, confident, stress-free performance, and provide support for the acquisition of effective, efficient message and presentation techniques, as well as interesting and persuasive performance techniques that will keep your audience interested and your messages remembered.

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How To Run A Press Office

We recommend press office training if a dedicated team or person deals with the area of communication and handling media in-house. Training involves areas such as the nature, purpose and implementation of PR or advertising activities, either independently or through external consultants. How the media works, current trends, purpose and forms of good press relations. The rest of the press office's work is not only to provide the media with information on a reactive basis, but also to proactively collect good information about a planned topic that is important to our company and that the media is about to publish, so we’ll have a good chance of ensuring that the material we are preparing on the position of our company will be represented in the press coverage or our company can speak as an expert on the given topic.

Bullet Journal

Time Management Training

Our time management training is recommended for company executives, managers, entrepreneurs, employees who want to change their time management habits, or as managers would like for their employees, subordinates to provide external help to solve their time management problems and make them as effective as possible. Time management training is recommended for problems such as when we have too much work or perceive it as such, when we feel that we have not progressed with our work, but we are very tired by the end of the day when we do a job that, in truth, is not even our job to do, or when we try to delegate the task in vain, and we find doing it ourselves at the end of the day. Training can be beneficial for those who feel they need to micromanage all processes and are dissatisfied with the quality of their colleagues' work.


Internal Communications Training

The success of a company is decisively influenced by the quality of the communication of its management with their employees, members, and each other. The task of internal communication is to build communication channels, improve in-house communication, and thus efficiency. It is a prerequisite that managers expect and support openly two-way communication and the existence of communication channels that ensure the flow of information. Our training is recommended to company managers who do not feel that their employees are their most important allies, and the efficiency of the company has room for improvement. Not to mention that this area is one of the best tools for reputation management, because a satisfied employee will build our reputation in a knowingly or unknowingly manner. However, everyone likes to be informed about the situation, prospects and training opportunities of their own company; in fact, everyone likes to show themselves and their talents, for which the internal communication tools provide an excellent platform.


 Change Management Training

We live in a world where one thing is constant: change. New initiatives, technologies, ideas, working methods, getting ahead of of competitors all motivates us to make changes not only in our work, but also in our everyday lives. However, we are a creature of habit, so we usually see change as a serious task, a stress situation. We know that we have to change, but not how to get started and what's going to be the exact result. The aim of our training is to improve participants' ability to manage change, to see change as an opportunity, and to increase their change management tool skillset, to develop their skills for change management.


Become a Spokesperson

Our spokesperson training is recommended for those who want to be spokespersons for their company or organization, or they want to improve their skills in this area. During our training, we provide guidance on the image of the spokesperson's personality and the company they represent and prepare for situations where you have to be a spokesperson, such as press and other public announcements, interviews, etc. During the training, the participant will also receive targeted media training in order to be able to demonstrate professionalism and persuasion.


Communications Skills Training

We always and constantly communicate in all situations of life whether we are aware of it or not. We are already communicating with the world as we enter a room, as we shake hands, as we introduce ourselves before we speak. This is enhanced or undermined by what we say, and how we say it, depending on how much we are in accordance with ourselves, and how we can use the opportunities provided by communication. The good news is that communication skills can be developed, be it verbal or metacommunication skills. The purpose of the training is to make you a communication virtuoso for the success of your own and your company.


How To Work From A Home Office

Nowadays, more and more companies are offering their employees the opportunity to work remotely from home, within a certain framework, which, if well organized, reduces the costs of the company and increases employee efficiency and satisfaction. There are also many other advantages, but most of the employers still have some reservations because they see a lot of unknown and seemingly insoluble problems in it. We have developed this training to address these concerns and problems and to make the implementation of home office work successful. During the training we provide support to develop the framework, regulations and methodology of remote work together with the employer, as well as to help the employees how to work from home, work efficiently and to maintain proper communication with their colleagues and partners.


Develop Your Personal Image

Personal image is more than our external appearance, as it strengthens our personal credibility. Our impression is greatly influenced by our actions and speech. Personal image design can be a great help to be more sophisticated and balanced, while leading us to our own authentic style, which will give us the kind of success and confidence that our knowledge of our impeccable appearance, behavior and communication gives us. During this training and counseling we find our strengths and emphasize them to give us a credible picture to our partners, business partners, employees or even the media.

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